Organized in late 2016 after the Presidential election, Big Hearted Texas is not a political organization, but a gathering of passionate people who want to connect with others to discuss issues and to learn new ways to help our community.

Houston is a progressive city. Our group believes in fundamental American values, including freedom of religion and of speech, the right of all of us to a good public education, and the value and dignity of each human life. We’re committed to presenting monthly speakers in the hope that all who listen will be inspired to act to make sure that Houston and our state, continue to provide opportunity for those willing to work hard and play by the rules.


BHT is also about encouraging each of us to understand the deep roots of why we should all do more. It's not an obligation; it is a natural extension of compassion for ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. We want to encourage each other to participate in making our community better, even if we don't see immediate change. To help us all remember that real improvement for all is what gets us out of bed every morning and heals our own isolation.